Google will let you know why you are seeing the search results

Google is telling some more truth.

Google wants you to know why you are seeing the search results after you searched something. On Thursday, Google released news that now Google will attach the details about why you are getting the search recommendations, according to your searched term. Now, Google will show you the Matching keywords and related terms, according to your searched keyword. You can also see the other reference links according to your search.

new "about this result" panel
You can that Google is showing result specific more info | Image: Google

Even before this step, Google never hides the working of its search and ranking algorithms. But, Google’s idea of showing details about each query will help users to find more specific results. Google expects these details will make googling more efficient. A new detailed panel, about this result, will also help you improve searches by giving tips and tricks.

How to discover the “about this result” panel?

It is easy. After any search, you can see three vertical dots in the upper right corner. Click them, you will see an option about this result. It is your destination.

In fact, Google released this feature back in February. But details available in that panel were not effective. For example, information about if results are secure, organic, and some Wikipedia details about that website. A normal user has nothing to do with these details. But, the current upgrade made this panel real effective.

Google sensed that, when people are browsing more sensitive topics like healthcare, they are most likely to use the “about this result” panel. Users want to know the authenticity and the source of that sensitive information, and additional details helped them. Searchers can check if the info they are getting is from some authentic health info source or not. In this way, people prevent themselves from misleading information. In an information exchange with Mashable, Google said that its new info panel has been used over 100 million times. These number shows that this is an effective feature.

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