Elon Musk didn’t tried to replace Tim Cook – Apple and Elon Musk

It was about Apple buying Tesla.

Apple and Elon Musk

A book (about Tesla) claimed that, in 2016, Elon Musk demanded to become the CEO of Apple in a phone call with Tim Cook. The book Power play: Tesla, Elon Musk, and the Bet of the Century, written by an award-winning auto reporter of the wall street journal, Tim Higgins. Los Angeles Times shared a review of this book.

Book says Tim Cook wanted to buy Tesla, and Elon Musk answered that he would be CEO. As the book says, Tim Cook agreed upon this, and then Musk said he would be CEO of Apple. Books tell further, “According to a former aide who heard (Musk’s) retelling of the exchange, Tim Cook said ‘ (F-word) You’ and hang up the phone.“

But here comes the twist, according to both Musk and Apple, this conversation is impossible because Musk and Cook never spoke to one another.

In answer, Elon tweeted on Thursday and rejected the remarks in the book. He said: “Cook and I have never spoken or written to each other.“ Furthur said he requested to meet with Cook to talk about Apple buying Tesla, but Cook refused to meet. The Verge (a popular news website) said that Musk has talked about this meeting (never happened) back in December.

When Apple is accessed to talk about these comments, Apple used the interview of Cook with The New York times, Cook denied that he has ever spoken to or meet with Musk, “You know, I’ve never spoken to Elon, although I have great admiration and respect for the company he’s built.“

On Friday, Musk tweeted and calls the book’s claims false. “Higgins managed to make his book both false *and* boring.”

In an author’s note, Tim Higgins wrote:

Apparently, Musk took no part in creations of Book, “Power Play,“ although he (Musk) was given a lot of opportunities to comment on the stories, facts, and characterization presented in these pages. Mentioning no specific mistakes, he (Musk) simply said: “Most, but not all, what you read in this book is nonsense.“

Higgins tweeted that Musk had opportunities to comment, and this story came from “Musk’s own account of the conversation, according to the people who heard the retelling at that time.” Earlier, Huggins tweeted, “this is a story that was told inside Tesla as the company struggled with the Model X, according to people who heard it, and as some hoped for a white knight to save the day. Musk’s message was clear: Tesla’s fate was in their own hands.”

Tim Higginson said the same for Apple that. “Apple was also given many opportunities to comment on this story but Apple declined.”

The Verge accessed Higgins, but he has not replied yet.

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