Dislike replies in Twitter, Twitter tests

Twitter wants to filter more valuable replies.

twitter app on mobile screen
Twitter is testing a way to dislike replies.

Twitter is testing alike and dislikes feature for tweet replies. Social media app wants to find which remarks are more valuable for users.

In a Tweet on Wednesday, Twitter said that some iPhone users can see this option (up or down votes for replies) now. Twitter will show upvotes as likes but downvotes will not. Downvotes will not be public. Only the person who replied will see the downvotes.

A user researcher expert at Twitter, Cody Elam, said that “This feature (up or down votes for replies) will give users an option to show if they find reply good or not without shaming someone publically. This will help us in getting feedbacks.“

Many social websites, e.g. Reddit, give the option to like or dislike comments and replies. This feature helps them to maintain civility. Investor and Television start, Ashton Kutcher appreciated the feature to enable users to like or dislike comments, while talking to CNET.

Twitter cleared that the number of upvotes or downvotes would not affect the ranking of comments. The primary purpose of this feature is to filter the most valuable remarks for the user and enabling users to give their opinion on replies, privately. Only a few people are part of this research (testing this feature).

Twitter is among the companies which actively take notes of the features which are grabbing the user’s attention and which are not. Some days ago, Twitter said that the company is going to shut down the “Fleets“ feature (Twitter’s feature like Facebook stories) in September. Social media websites said the reason for this decision is that people are not using it as much we expected. Before that, Twitter released a feature for iOS users so they can share tweets instantly as Instagram stories.

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