Scammers are Spreading Crypto-Mining Malicious Software using Cracked Games

Free cracked Games are not Really Free,

You want to download a popular video game, but that’s expensive. You download a cracked version. But, there can be hidden costs you have to pay for the free version you got. Reportedly, scammers are using those pirated version of games to integrate some crypto-mining malware. Thus, your beautiful gaming PC secretly becomes a crypto-mining platform. Gaming PCs are usually powerful, so it becomes the lottery for scammers.

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What is Crackonosh- (A Crypto-Mining Malicious Software?)

BBC News said that this malware is known as Crackonosh. Further, Avast released a statement that Crackonosh is already spread to lacs of PCs globally.

Crackonosh infects 800 PCs more, daily.


Most infected countries from Crackonosh are Brazil, the Philippines, the US, India, Polland. Avast reported almost 10,000 infected devices in these countries. But, we are sure that this number is significantly higher than Avast’s report because Avast only counts the PCs on which security software is installed.

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According to some estimates, Crackonosh operating scampers are already successful earned $2 million+ worth of Monero. Monero becomes more popular in recent times because it is harder to trace from other currencies like Bitcoin.

Do you think that what’s the harm? You get the game and someone gets the crypto, which seems a fair deal. But, let me clear that crypto-mining is an energy-inefficient process. It can lead to more energy consumptions and performance issues at your end and even harm your graphic cards – which have a major role in gaming and mining.

How to delete Crackonsh from your PC?

According to Avast, Crackonosh disables Windows security, Update, and other tools helping PCs to stay safe. To remove this malware, there is a multi-step procedure, available on Avast’s blog.

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So, now you should take care of your PC and avoid downloading cracked games. Fortunately, your downloader cracked version does not have Crackonosh but that can possibly harm you in many different ways.

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