China restricts kids to 4 hours per week gaming

‘Spiritual Opium’ is being restricted.

Photo by Visual China Group via Getty Images
Chinese Kid playing games | Photo by Visual China Group via Getty Images

Gaming platforms working in China like Tencent and NetEase are subjected to follow new Chinese policy to limit gaming to only 3 hours per week for kids, says Bloomberg. China made this new regulation because of its raising concerns over raising gaming addiction. China recently declared a new policy for all tech firms working in china to protect Chinese users’ data.

Under 18 people will be considered as “Kids” and they are now restricted to play only three hours of gaming per week. These three hours include 8 pm to 9 pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; and on public holidays. This change is an update of the previous regulation of 1.5 hours restriction. Gaming companies have to restrict online gameplay outside these three hours at any cost, says Reutersand must have to implement a real-name verification system to make sure the new regulations are being enforced and tricks to bypass are being reduced.

Almost a month before this new policy, state media called the online games “Spiritual Opium,” this phrase was removed after but it left hints that the state is going to intervene in the gaming thing going around in China.

These restrictions are not quite good for gaming firms like Tencent who have million of youth playing their games daily. China is among the biggest, perhaps the biggest market of gaming in the world right now. China wants to strengthen control over technology, education, and how the youth is dealing with the technology.

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