In software development and coding, it is almost impossible to succeed without any support from developer communities. However, having good support can make you more productive and skillful by guiding you towards the latest technologies in development, frameworks, and programming languages.

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These developer communities help any developer make connections with more experienced developers and benefit from their experience and success or failure stories. If you are a newbie in this field, we make it easy to find the best developer communities across the globe you can follow and make some steps forward.

Let us move to our topic – Top 5 developer communities every developer should follow(2021).

1. GitHub Home

GitHub is a community of around 40 million developers. It is a place you can use to share your work and ideas and a great way of collaboration between developers. You can follow discussions about the topic of your interest. You can also the work of other people and take help and collaborate with them.

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2. Stack OverFlow Home

Stack Overflow is an online and open community for coders and a great place to solve issues for new developers. Here, you can post a question by providing the detail of the tour problem. Millions of developers are always ready to answer you. You can also share your knowledge with others because it increases after sharing. You can get solutions to your most challenging coding problems, share your knowledge with others, and get your dream job.

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3. HackerNews Home

Do you need a social website that shares news in the field of computer science and entrepreneurship? Well, we got Hacker News for you. According to Hacker News, you can post anything about computer technology. It is an excellent tech news place and a big developer community. You can share your story to get a review from other developers.

4. HackerNoon home

It is a technology media website. It is used by cryptocurrency users, developers, technical enthusiasts. You can find a ton of knowledge about software engineering, programming languages, and cybersecurity. You can get excellent knowledge from it.

5. Free Code Camp home

It is a nonprofit developers’ community, helps developers learning code by building projects. There are millions of people using this monthly. You can get your certificate after learning for almost 300 hours. You can check their developer’s community and learn new skills to implement into your code.

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  • What do you think about this list of  Top 5 developer communities every developer should follow(2021)?
  • Do you know about any other community we missed on the list? Please tell us 🙂


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