Asus rolling out BIOS update, Windows 11 and TPM ready

asus windows 11 and TPM update
Asus rolling out BIOS update, Windows 11 and TPM ready | Image: ASUS

Asus launched BIOS update, Windows 11 and TPM ready. Motherboard manufacturer making its motherboard ready to run Windows 11. Asus released updates for many chipsets (both AMD and Intel) and the updated chipsets will automatically Enable Trusted Platform Module (TPM).

Asus is planning to roll out updates for a variety of motherboards, but all updates are not available yet. A technology website, Neowin, published the full list of Asus manufactured motherboards that are compatible with Windows 11. You can find out if your motherboard is ready to get updated or not.

TPM 2.0 is must have hardware requirement for Windows 11 official support. People checked their motherboard to find out the version of TPM, but there was a lot of confusion because many systems mention TPM as “PTT“ and “PSP FTPM.“ Microsoft PC Health App doesn’t clear the confusion too. To handle this now, Asus is releasing an update to automatically enable TPM.

If you want to find out what type of motherboard your PC has:

  1. Press Win key + R
  2. Type msinfo32 and ENTER

Not only Asus, but GigabyteASRockBiostar, and MSI all are releasing updates for systems compatible with Windows 11.

Microsoft released the first Beta after the dev build of Windows 11 earlier this week but it is not clear when will Windows 11 officially launched for all “Compatible“ commuters. Most provably, this October.

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