Artificial intelligence(AI) | Applications of Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, aka AI, is implementing human-like intelligence into machines and program them to mimic human actions. Any device that can mimic some characteristics of the human mind, like learning and solving problems, can be referred to as Artificial Intelligence.

The primary purpose of AI is to make machines capable of achieving some goals in the best possible ways, effectively and efficiently.

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Let us explore something more about Artificial Intelligence.

girl and robot artificial intelligence

1. What Is Artificial Intelligence

In movies and novels, AI is often bound to advanced robotics. They show that advanced Artificially intelligent robots are capable of shaking earth etc. Unfortunately, this makes most people think that AI is just about robotics. But this is no truth at all.

Artificial Intelligence primarily defines human intelligence so that a machine can understand, learn, and mimic it productively. Thus, its goal is to copy and learn human intellectual activity. Nevertheless, researchers are making some serious development in the past years by experimenting with human-like learning, perceptions, and decision-making on machines. Moreover, AI is making progress, so some researchers believe that AI might be able to cross the capacity of human intelligence in the future. As a result, AI is evolving tremendously and developing its roots in every industry.

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2. Applications of Artificial Intelligence

In today’s world, the applications of AI are countless. Nowadays, almost all the industries across the globe are using AI, even in health care. For example, it is making its applications in predicting diseases and doing surgeries in operation theaters.

One of the most significant applications of AI is its use in self-driving cars. But, at the same time, it is one of the most complexes and developed things in this field. In this application, AI has to determine the consequences of each of its action plans. Because each of its actions will result in a severe outcome, the computer system of self-driving cars must consider all internal and external data. The output should be collision prevention.

AI also has a significant and vital role in the banking and finance industry. Its use is to analyze and predict the financing environment. In addition, AI is also used in financial institutes’ security management to check ambiguous transactions automatically. This way, It reduces fraud in banks and other financial institutes.

3. Categorization of Artificial Intelligence

AI has two sub-categories:

1. Week Artificial Intelligence

          This type of artificial intelligence helps to deal with one particular task. For example, AI is used in voice assistants like Apple’s Siri and Samsung’s Bixby. Your question, AI answer, that’s it.

2. Strong Artificial Intelligence

These are the system which helps to do actual human-like tasks and learnings. So, these are the much complex systems. Their primary purpose is to handle situations on their own without any human interaction. Such systems are present in Self-driving cars and operations theaters.

4. Issues

Since it starts, AI creates some issues in the mind of some people. Due to this, some people think that AI machines would develop and clever that humans will no longer compete with them by the passage of time. AI will take over humans and make their new products.

Some think that AI will hack and control weapons and become a threat to humanity.

Thus, the biggest issue is that some people think that AI will cause unemployment by handling labor work by using intelligent machinery. Self-drive cars will remove the drivers etc. Industries can automate their workflow by using AI, which will affect the number of jobs available.

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5. Conclusion:

We think that AI proves itself a helpful thing till yet for the human being. After some research, I found no threat for human beings in the near future due to AI.

What do you think about the future of Artificial Intelligence?

Do you consider these issues we have mentioned?


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