iPhone 13 satellite connectivity feature may not lunch this year

You better not get excited about the Apple iPhone 13 satellite communication.

iPhone 13 satellite connectivity feature may not lunch this year
iPhone 13 renders | image: 9to5mac

Apple is planning to let you use satellite connectivity to connect with the emergency services in an area where cellular coverage is not available. It means Apple will put this feature in iPhone 13 but not for normal use; for emergency situations, says BloombergBloomberg published the article after Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple is going to add satellite connectivity and users will be able to make calls and text messages using the satellite connectivity. Initial announcements made by Kuo suggest that satellite connectivity feature will be a normal feature and anywhere anyone can use it but Bloomberg’s source suggests the opposite: “Apple Inc.’s push to bring satellite capabilities to the iPhone will be focused on emergency situations, allowing users to send texts to first responders and report crashes in areas without cellular coverage,” says Bloomberg. Bloomberg’s report throws cold water on the idea that after this feature iPhone 13 becomes a satellite phone.

“Apple is developing at least two

features that will work using

satellite connectivity.”

“Emergency Message,” one feature from two, will let you send text messages to emergency services and contacts without using cellular connectivity. iPhone will use satellite networks to do so. These messages will have length restrictions and will be shown as a “Gray” bubble instead of blue. When you send an emergency message it will deliver even the recipients have don’t disturb mode on, to make sure that emergency message is seen.

The second feature will allow users to report emergencies. It will ask users about the type of emergency that happened like a boat sinking or plane crash. You will be able to send your location and medical id using this feature.

Bloomberg further said that iPhone 13 will have the required hardware to make satellite communication possible but their source said that this feature may not be ready until next year. So, if you are thinking that you will be able to use iPhone 13 satellite communication as soon as you buy iPhone 13, you are out of luck.

If Apple made it possible then definitely it is a next-level innovation and can help people in many emergency situations. It can reduce the fear of no connectivity when visiting remote places.

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