New Android Accessibility features lets you control phone and chat using facial gestures

Android accessibility being good for disabled users.

Google is adding the new “Accessibility features” in the Android 12 called Camera Switches and Project Activate. These new Android accessibility features will help specially enabled users to use Android phones by using facial gestures. Previously, we spotted these features in Android 12 beta and now we have more details. Let’s get into this.

Android 12 “Camera switch” accessibility feature

The Camera Switch feature in the switch access part of accessibility will turn your Android phone into a new type of switch which will work according to your facial gestures. The camera switch feature supports six gestures: look right, look left, look up, smile, raise eyebrows, and open your mouth. You can use these six gestures to navigate through your phone. Users can also specifically use these gestures to open notifications, return to the home screen, or pause gesture detection.

android new accessibility camera switch feature

How to enable the Camera Switch feature

To use this feature, go to Accessibility Settings on your Android phone or download this app. Find and tap on the Switch Access option in the Interaction Controls section and toggle the Use Switch Access.

Now, allow all the required permissions by tapping the “Allow” button and select the Camera Switch option from the Switch access setup guide. Again, allow all the required permissions and select one method from the three. Now you can configure the six available facial gestures.

Project Activate

Along with the Camera Switch feature, Google also launched a new app “Project Activate” which also helps users to navigate through their phone using facial gestures and have more customizable options.

new project activate app

By using Project Activate’s new app, you can use preset configurations and trigger them using the six facial gestures mentioned above. This new app allows users to “play a text-to-speech phrase, play audio to express themselves or control a smart speaker, send a text message, or make a phone call using the gestures.” You can download the “Project Activate” from here to try it. But, it is only available in UK, US, Canada, and Australia.

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