Android 12 will show call duration in status bar chip

Android 12 will show call duration in status bar chip; the Google Phone app doesn’t support it yet.

Android 12 will show call duration in status bar chip
Android 12 will show call duration in the status bar chip

Android 12 beta 2 is here, and it is coming with many updates. Beta 2 is bringing many features of Android 12 into the spotlight and which hid in Beta 1. Google showcased a new privacy dashboard at Google I/O 2021 and that is fully functioning in Beta 2.

Because this is still “beta” so many features are under progress. One such feature is the call duration indicator in the status bar. XDA Developers spotted this feature by digging into the code of Beta 2. Kdrag0n shared pictures of this additional feature. Thanks to him. This feature is enabled by default but Google dialer doesn’t support it yet.

In the screenshots…

status bar call duration chip in android 12 …we can easily notice that when the user left the calling screen, Android 12 showed a chip in the status bar with call duration in it. Android 11 doesn’t have this feature. If you have to see call duration, open the notification tray or return to the calling screen. Google launched this feature in Android 12 beta 2 they do not update yet Google phone app to support this. When Google will update the Google phone app, this feature would be available for all.

Android 12 is coming with increased minimum requirements and all Android phones will not support this. Find out here if your phone is compatible with Android 12 or not.

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