Android 12 Beta 5: More updates and new Widgets

Almost stable and final build before public launch.

android 12 google clock 7.0

Google has released the final Android 12 beta build. So now we can say that the stable build is almost ready and coming in the upcoming weeks. The latest beta has some design tweaks, lock screen widgets, and more. This [Beta 5] is the last beta update, so Google has fixed most bugs.

Android 12 Beta 5: What’s new

Android 12’s Beta 5 official release notes

The following top issues have been resolved in Android 12 Beta 5:

  • Fixed an issue where the media controls sometimes wouldn’t appear after rotating the device. (Issue #196305826)
  • Fixed an issue that caused Android System Intelligence to crash intermittently. (Issue #197053372)
  • Fixed an issue where the Settings app would stop responding when the preferred mobile network type was changed. (Issue #196729167)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the device from switching between a physical SIM and an eSIM in certain cases. (Issue #196560081)

Fixed an issue where, in some cases after updating a device to the next Beta release, Google Maps crashed whenever it was launched by a secondary user.

Fixed an issue for devices with multiple users where, in some cases after updating the device to the next Beta release, the device crashed and rebooted when trying to switch to a secondary user.


Google has been successfully resolved all the bugs found in the previous Beta build but two. Google is already aware of these two bugs but these are not anything to concern about. We can expect the stable public build of Android 12 in the upcoming weeks.

New Android 12 lock screen device control shortcut in Android 12 Beta 5

Device control is the feature debuted in Android 11, it allows the addition of smart-home devices as shortcuts in an area of the power menu. But, with the UI redesign of Material You UI in Android 12, there remains no room for the Device Control feature, but Google doesn’t kick it out. Device Control is a very popular feature of Android. Now, in Android 12 Device Control can be accessed directly from the lock screen through a shortcut, says XDA Developers.

New lock screen shortcut for Device Control in Android 12 beta 5 | © XDA Developers

Android 12 Beta 5 new “Pain chips” widgets

There is a new widget in Android 12 called “Paint chips” and someone can only unlock it after dialing the clock Android 12’s Easter egg to midnight. “Paint chips” contains all the colors generated by the theme engine of Android 12, which allows users to change the operating system’s color scheme according to wallpaper. “You can tap on each item to see the exact color value and framework entry,” says XDA, “This could be a useful tool if you’re looking to test your app with Android 12’s new theming system.”

©XDA Developers

Google Calculator 8.0 Material You UI update

Google Calculator also has been updated to its 8.0 version, and it comes with Material You UI now as you can see in the following screenshots.

©XDA Developers

You can add conversations as widgets by marking them “Priority”

GooglePixels, a Telegram group, spotted that when users mark any conversation as “Priority” in Android 12 Beta 5, the Pixel launcher asks that if you want to add this conversation as a widget on the home screen.

©XDA Developers

Pixel’s search bar now works fast

Pixel launcher’s very own universal search bar now works quickly than before and now suggests not only apps but contacts, settings, media, and more. You can check the glimpse of the search bar in the following video by XDA.

Google Clock 7.0 Material You UI update

Android 12 Beta 5 comes with the built-in Google Clock’s 7.0 version and Google Clock now comes with Material You redesign. As you can see in screenshots:

©XDA Developers

Google Clock now has redesigned widgets.

The analog, digital, and world clocks have all been revamped, and they all follow the system color palette generated from your wallpaper. The digital clocks are oval-shaped, while the analog clock now has 12 vertices (for each hour) that are rounded. The new analog clock is similar to the one used for Android 12’s Easter egg, except in the former’s case, there’s also a second’s hand denoted by a colored circle.


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