In the US, Amazon has “key” of thousand of apartments

Probably a real Privacy issue.

Amon roadazon delivery van
In the US, Amazon has “key” of thousand of apartments | Photo by Andrew Stickelman on Unsplash

Amazon (an e-commerce giant) wants to have a key to your apartment if you are in the US. Amazon created a system (Key for Business). This system allows its delivery workers to give access to your apartment without the buzzer. Amazon has been successful to install this system in thousands of apartments across the US, as the Associated Press reports. The company is going to install “key for business“ to more apartments by offering free installations and gift cards of $100, both.

Amazon’s delivery workers can now access the apartments without been waiting for the owner to make them enter. Workers will get temporary access via the Amazon Flex app. Workers can deliver packages in the mailroom or to the owner.

The Associated Press said that Amazon is trying hard to install its key into more and more apartments. The E-commerce giant is collaborating with locksmiths and offering free installations along with gift cards. This shows the urge of Amazon to get more apartments. This system was born in 2018; In 2019, the “key for business “ system helped Amazon to increase the first-time delivery rate to over 96%. Amazon didn’t confirm the total number of installations yet.

AP says the key for the business system can raise security and privacy questions. In answer, Amazon said that we will check and analyze the backgrounds of delivery workers and they can only unlock when they have authentic and scannable packages in their hands. Senior tech adviser of Barack Obama and privacy researcher, Ashkan Soltani said, “Devices connected to the internet are packable, Amazon’s device too. Some dangerous elements can use this to unlock apartments.“

Someone cannot install key systems like Key for the business of many companies in a single building. Besides, this will help Amazon make faster deliveries and an edge over the rivals. People will have only Amazon’s key in their buildings and they will use Amazon for more convenience.

This can be a new program of Amazon to bind people to use Amazon.

Amazon is making innovations every day. Rumors are coming that Amazon is likely to accept payments in cryptocurrency in the future.

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