After eye strain complaints Twitter is changing Button’s Contrast

After eye strain complaints Twitter is changing Button's Contrast
After eye strain complaints Twitter is changing Button’s Contrast

Twitter is changing the contrast of the button after the users’ feedback earlier this week. CNET said that the updates contrast giving users headaches, eye strains, and migraines because of high contrast graphics and a new font, “Chirp.”

On Wednesday, Twitter unleashed a visual design with new font “Chirp“ and higher contrast colors. Users are complaining about headaches because of the new design ever since.

“We tested the font and found that while it does take people a little time to get used to it, overall they like the change. We’re listening to feedback about the font and will continue to improve it.”

-Twitter spokesperson to CNET

Some users got used to it, but many users complained that these new design updates are hurting them physically. This issue shows that accessibility cannot be the same for everyone. If a change is good for someone, there are many chances that the change is not good for someone else. High contrast is not good for many photosensitive and chronically pained users but is useful for those folks having a low vision or color blindness. That’s why Twitter’s high contrast visual created confusion and “PAIN.”

There is never a suitable single option for all. There should not be a lack of choice, best accessibility settings come from more flexibility. Twitter already gave users the choice to toggle increased contrast, reduced motions, and light or dark themes. But, what Twitter should do is to give users options to set color contrast for them, which suits them. It could save a lot of pain. Otherwise, users have to wait until Twitter makes changes for them.

Twitter didn’t respond to comment immediately but Twitter’s accessibility account @TwitterA11y was collecting feedback about the changes.

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